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I should have posted this sooner. I had the opportunity to meet and scare Sonequa Martin-Green (a/k/a/ Sasha from the Walking Dead) last Saturday night at The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce, in Bristol, CT. I do SPFX makeup and act there. The owner brought Sonequa in as a special guest. She took time out of her busy schedule that night to meet with the makeup artists and actors, before doing the official meet and greet event. Later, she and her husband, who played the Alexandrian named "Scott," as well as a couple of walkers over the years, came through the entire attraction. 10 lucky customers were also given the V.I.P. package and got to walk through with her. I was able to get a good startle in, when she came through my scene in the Reaper's Realm. It is fun to know I scared one of the main characters in the Walking Dead.

Sonequa was very gracious, friendly and treated fans very well. I was impressed with how down to earth and genuinely friendly she really is. Anyway, here are a couple of photos I was able to take when she met with us. I even got a handshake and a high five. That was a fun night for me as a fan of the show!

Fashion Event Crowd Photography Selfie

People Event Fashion Crowd Costume

People Army Military Soldier Event


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I like it when you hear about actors being nice to the fans. I think the WD cast (& most horror genre actors in general) understand that we're the reason they have a job & they're super grateful.
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