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Hello! I'm Monroe58...and I love Halloween.

I start planning my costume for the next year before I even have a chance to wear this year's costume. :D Someone once gave me a "bumper Sticker" on Facebook that read: "I put more thought into my Halloween costume than into my career." I've already got 75% of this year's costume in my closet...Halloween USA just opened yesterday and you betcha I was there spending money!

Generally, July is when I start planning. Everyone I love calls me a freak (in a sweet way, of course) and it kind of dies down until early September. And then, I go Halloween crazy again...

This year will be my 3rd major Halloween party, and this year I've got a husband to help! I wanted to join the forum to read other people's ideas, share some of mine, and share the love of Halloween with others like me!

I work part-time, and am in my senior year of college (finally), so I'm pretty busy. I may not post often, but when I have time, I'll be on this forum.

Glad to meet you all, and thanks for this opportunity! :cool:

It's pronounced "Fronkensteen."
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Welcome Aboard! Sounds like you are our kind of freak. Hope your hubby is into the big H as well. My fiancee is finally getting up to speed.

I'm usually so busy building my haunt and props I forget about costumes until the last minute.
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