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I have finished making the kit74 and connecting it to pumpkins, Now What?

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What do I do after I plug it into my computer? How do I load the files from VSA onto the the kit74?
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You can't load any software on to the Kit 74 board. VSA is loaded on to your computer and stays there. Connect the cable from the board to your computer. You have to keep the board connected to the computer for it to work. VSA has a loop option so the program restart automatically each time. It does not have provisions for a trip sensor.

VSA sells a board that you can down load and run VSA programs on independently it called RAPU but there pricey $300+++ and still no trip option.

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Download VIXEN software - its free and it DOES have "triggers" for you .
Now , bad thing about KIT74 boards .... you have to make sure the KIT74 is CLOSE to the PC . Too far away and it'll glitch on you ( or might not even work )
( am assuming you went with the common parallel port version )
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