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I have been wanting to build a dark ride

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For the last 2 hallloweens i have been tring to find wheelchair motors to builda a cart. Yet I have never built one. Anyone have any tips
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Here's a fun look at a family that actually made a dark ride using wheelchairs as their base. You can find a great deal of information just by watching the video as the owners love showing off how they did what they did.

Here's another look at the ride built by a thirteen year old kid... with quite a bit of help from some adult fabricators. What I love about this one is the control panel that is full of remotes being used to send off the cars. The video hits about midway through as the first part is just the ride and a bunch of chatter. The nuts and bolts is here:

Here's a thread about a dark ride right here on the Halloween Forum: 2015 DIY Dark Ride

And lastly, here's a link to the video of a gent who has multiple videos of his dark ride using a tape of some sort instead of an actual upright support system: intocoasters You have to sort of dig around some of his other favorite pastimes to find them all, but it's worth seeing him retooling his work because I think that's pretty much what everyone building one of these things has to do.

They're all fun to watch, but I can't tell you which is the better choice for your build. I watch the videos knowing full well I'll never actually make a dark ride for our haunt. :) Hope you find some ideas, though. Have fun.
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I saw this for sale this week. Still available. I have been debating but I have concerns about COVID19 causing a low turn out.
If you buy an actual carnival ride, two things to consider. The first is that it's not about what's happening this year, but for all the years to come. Covid19 might mess up this year, but if you're spending 35 grand for a single year, you're probably flush enough to store it for the year that seems right for you. :) Secondly, that's a carnival ride. Upkeep, liability insurance, and all those little overlooked details not included in that $35,000 price tag should be thoroughly considered before buying into what might be a money pit instead of a haunted castle.
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