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I know I’m cutting it close but I really have not had the time this year.

I had an idea for a 3 day max (hopefully) build of a static figure body who's holding a butcher knife in one hand (ala Michael Myers) and is standing in front of a BBQ with his freshly severed head on a spatula over the flames, melting the face partially off of the skull. I don’t want it to be too cartoony, but not hyper real at the same time, hopefully a happy medium can be found.

I want to incorporate the orange lights/foam coal technique that I’ve seen around for inside the grill and play around with it a little maybe some mild smoke as well.

So I was wondering if anyone’s done this before (that you know of) or if you’ve seen it anywhere. I’ve not been able to find an example of the concept I’m going for, just bits and pieces to incorporate.

I’d love to hear from the pros. Thanks in advance for your time.

P.S. I’m not territorial with my ideas, if you want to try this, please have at it, just take plenty of pics for us to see. I love to inspire others. I’ve been really inspired by all of you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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