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I hope it means nothing. I used to have an occasional dream about someone in this small town. The next day, that person would find me, call me, and ask me to do some little job for them.
At the same time, My Dad would have a dream about someone here, and a day or two later, they would.. Die.
My Death Dream from last night involved a man with the following initials "R" & "K".
Maybe I dreampt about him simply because he was driving toward me yesterday as I was driving? I hope so.f course maybe all of this is not so fantastic, since this town and even this county has the oldest population of any county in Illinois?
And yes, "Old People do die."
Another elderly citizen here once said:"The Young, May? The Old, Must.......die.

The man saying this lived to maybe 85? in living that long, he went against his own very personally stated "policy" of "When you get to be 65 "They?" should send someone to your door, you answer their knock or "Ring" and they smack you up-alongside the head with a Brick!
"Putting you and everybody else out of YOUR MISERY!"
That man was buried in a homemade coffin (Was Legal if buried quickly, anymore, I don't know?) My Dad and myself lined the outside of the coffin with copper sheets that my Dad soldered together.
I had the pleasure of telling the coffin's owner:"This solder will melt right out, where you're going!"
The coffin's liner was a filthy blanket that he had used to lay on under his car when he changed the oil... all because he didn't like the local Funeral people!
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