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I got my Grandin order. Here's Bernard the Butler.

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I really wish his eyes lit up. I think it would add to it. Also he came wtih his head at an odd angle. It's a little better but still seems angeld up to high. He's also taller than I expected. He's nice and clear as well.

I realise it's dark, sorry about that. I will have to get a better video in the day time.
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ok the video doesn't work ugh
I can see it CaliforniaGirl. I like him and his raven. Nice interaction between the two and the dialog isn't bad. Quite appropriate for halloween.
Yeh thought he was cool =) He's at least 6 feet tall which is cool. I hope the trick r treaters like him. I got the animated broom unpacked and was a little annoyed at the mess it made. It is extremely loud and I can't seem to find a volume switch on it. I hope there is one because it's nuts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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