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With a poem i had written. I would "Inflict" it upon my patrons after they were seated in my front room.
This is only part of it:
If excitement of Anticipation
Is the stimulation
you Seek
And Heart and Nerves are Good
and the Knees don't go Weak
curiosity and Thoughts
Are not Strangers in your Head
Come for a visit
Or maybe a Bed
North behind the storefronts
At Bluff's edge much Alone
A Ghoul-green old house
Waits Humming
Wearing a Necklace of Bone. Ravens Grin Inn-mount Carroll, ill.
Yes, the "Bed"-Thing? i tried a Haunted B&B for a short while. Doesn't work. Opposites do Attract. Half of a couple would always be scared, not having a good time, it could be the "Guy" half or the "Girl'half as the Scared one.
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