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I don't believe this... Sigh

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I don't believe this. The forecast was clear and cold all week! It was in the high 60s and clear for the past 2 weeks. The forecast called for it to be clear, 60s sunny and in the 40s at night for weeks!

It's going to rain! I don't believe this! I even checked last night and it was clear! It's now going to rain and be cold! Starting at 7 or 8 pm!

I am not sure if I should just decorate and run it all back in if it starts or just do lights and forget it.

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Oh wow it looks like we do, I live near York or Fort Mill sc. Do you know them?
Have heard of them, but never been there. I live below Greenville about 10 minutes. :)

Good luck to you tonight. At least we're not getting snow like the mountains will be tonight!! :D :D :D (now that I think of it, snow would be better than freezing rain.)

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Sounds like our rain is going to be an all day affair. At Six O'clock tonight they are calling for 25 mph winds.

Rain and wind ugh hang in there

So far here it's sunny with some clouds but there are storm clouds blowing in.

Adding this here from later tonight...

Rain? How about thunder and wind lol

Oh well we did get a few hours made it to 8pm! We had a great time!
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