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This is the first mask i bought that was made by rasta imposta. I have to say the quality wasn't great, the casting is a bit thin (a little thinner than bump in the nights stuff and the latex isn't the harder type its very soft n squishy. There were some paper thin spots on his nose and bottom lip that i added some latex to.

The whole head was just spayed soled green and the whole mouth area was light pink. I painted the mouth area a dark reddish purple and went over the whole head with a black wash to make the scales pop. I also painted the flesh colered strip under his chin a few shades darker.

After everything was dry i stuck him on a foam head And stuffed him with polyfill.

I would say it's not a bad piece for $50.00 and a little bit of time and effort.

Let me know what ya think


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I didn't even know they made Sleestack masks!! How awesome!! Yes this would scare the poo outta me, they did when I was little too!! LOL
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