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I am sooo stoked....Pat Cattans

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At least in my area Fairlawn, Ohio...my Pat Cattan store has Halloween stuff out...whooohooo!
I was gonna pop in for a couple items, (it's one of the evil places for me and I can only shop by my list:rolleyes:)
You coulda knocked me over with a raven's feather...I thought, could it be??? Nah, it's an illusion from the humidity and heat...
But no...there they were, I was in a candy store.... They had "funkins"(not called funkins, but the same) the super huge ones were only $14.97, I got two mediums 9 inches for $9.97 a piece (not bad at all, the cheapest ones I saw...if they were in stock on-line were $19 and up not including shipping).
They had styrofoam heads, just like in beauty shops for $4.97 female 7x10.5...
Party favors -- tombstones, for a $1.00 for a bag of 9 pieces, 6 regular stones with RIP and 3 Celtic...could use to decorate a table or cake with...3.5x2.5
Halloween bone hands/skeleton hands, small party favors..3x2 10 pieces for a $1.00...put in cupcakes, cake, decoration for foods..ect..
6 piece natural colored skulls, plastic, 4hx3wx3.5d $4.97 (would be great to use for tombstone head poppers!!!)
I was just so excited, I just felt I needed to share the news and joy:D