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I’m sure you all remember Hungry Harry, an animatronic originally sold by Spirit Halloween in 2005 and then by other retailers later on.

The manufacturer of this animatronic remained a mystery for many years, with names thrown around like Gemmy and Magic Power often appearing in misleading discussions and eBay listings.

While the figure does have a Gemmy style head connection it does not feature the correct colouring for the locking pin found on all other Gemmy figures of the era.

Recently, Ed Edmunds of Distortions Unlimited has confirmed that they did indeed design and sculpt Hungry Harry, with Morris Costumes distributing it to Spirit and other retailers as well as having it produced in China, hence the reused parts from Gemmy and other companies.

Harry also bears a strong resemblance to the Rabid Ron prop also made by Distortions, right down to sharing the same hand molds:
Suit trousers Outerwear Dress shirt Sleeve Tie

I hope this clears things up and provides better reference for the future.
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