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Hullo There

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Hiya guys,

Found this forum googling for some more ideas on halloween props and what not, and boy am I glad I checked you guys out! So far, have mostly been looking at the prop how-tos and some of the pics, and I must say that I am very impressed. I am hoping to put some of your alls great ideas to use on my own inventions and hopefully I can bring something to the table eventually to inspire a few things in others.

Anyways, expect to get a few questions, comments, approvals, and maybe even an idea or two from me in the near future!

DwN :eek:
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Greetings DwN.
You aren't the first to have wandered in here by accident and decided to stick around.
We are very happy that you found us.
There is one proviso though..

You can never leave...

Ever. (Well, unless Larry banishes you to wander in purgatory...):D

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