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Huge Prints - Black light advice

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Hi All,

Well - I work for HP in their Graphics Division and am lucky enough to have a rather large format printer in my house. I'm printing some test images - but the idea is - these are printed on fabric and then mounted in my downstairs windows with a black light sitting at the bottom. I will close the wood blinds behind them to get an even better effect....but lighting is totally my weakness and wondering if there's something more that I could do. Any advice appreciated.....



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Sounds good and I'm VERY jealous of the technology. If the inks used are watersafe (laser/litho) then you could see if lightly misting the fabric with glow in the dark hairspray or cheapy dollar store woolight handwashing clothing detergent (cut it 50/50 with water and put in a fine mist spray bottle) might kick up the glow (UV reactions from the phosphates in detergents are why your white shirts GLOW bright in blacklight).

I would also make sure that the blacklights are real ones - not those terrible old school looking bulbs you see for a few bucks and get dangerously hot. Either the long tubes or the compacts that are curl or U shaped are truly blacklight bulbs.

Depeding on the rest of your decoration outside, you could do some uplighting in between the window using LED colored spotlights. I love purples and blues and green but of course orange is traditional and would look really nice with the blueish purple effect of a window display using blacklights! :)
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