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Huge Prints - Black light advice

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Hi All,

Well - I work for HP in their Graphics Division and am lucky enough to have a rather large format printer in my house. I'm printing some test images - but the idea is - these are printed on fabric and then mounted in my downstairs windows with a black light sitting at the bottom. I will close the wood blinds behind them to get an even better effect....but lighting is totally my weakness and wondering if there's something more that I could do. Any advice appreciated.....



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Sounds good and I'm VERY jealous of the technology. If the inks used are watersafe (laser/litho) then you could see if lightly misting the fabric with glow in the dark hairspray or cheapy dollar store woolight handwashing clothing detergent (cut it 50/50 with water and put in a fine mist spray bottle) might kick up the glow (UV reactions from the phosphates in detergents are why your white shirts GLOW bright in blacklight).

I would also make sure that the blacklights are real ones - not those terrible old school looking bulbs you see for a few bucks and get dangerously hot. Either the long tubes or the compacts that are curl or U shaped are truly blacklight bulbs.

Depeding on the rest of your decoration outside, you could do some uplighting in between the window using LED colored spotlights. I love purples and blues and green but of course orange is traditional and would look really nice with the blueish purple effect of a window display using blacklights! :)
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I'm jealous too! I don't know if you can do something like this or not, but we have had one of these in a front window for several years:


Its just a plastic "poster" that you hang over the window and then backlight it. The cool thing about this is if you are careful with the amount of back light you can adjust it so it is just barely visible so people don't even notice until they are stopped and looking at your house - it is a very cool effect and tends to cause a lot of kids to freak out when they realize it is there. :)
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I had no idea about the UV reactions to phosphates - that is a great idea!! Thanks so much - will post some pix once all is up.
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