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Hi all! First post here.

I’m selling a massive display of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’-type figures and props that my brother and I have been building for the last couple of years & thought there might some interest in them here. I’ve written a description below that hopefully covers everything in the display including the 8 life-size skeleton pirates and the various props

Each pirate figure is unique and has been been crafted with great attention to detail. All of them have outfitted with authentic-looking clothing and regalia, some of which was obtained from the wardrobe of a pirate movie. The clothing and accessories of each figure as well as the additional props have been treated and hand-painted to appear as if they were centuries old. Among the props is a freestanding cannon that ‘fires’ and a ship’s façade with 3 cannons that can also fire.

The Pirate Figures:

A freestanding life-size figure of a pirate captain in an elaborate uniform and eyepatch, steering a full-sized ship’s wheel. Perched on the captain’s shoulder is a large parrot skeleton. The ship’s wheel is on a separate base and the captain can be displayed with or without it.

This bearded pirate is sprawled in a large wine barrel, holding up a rum bottle as if he were trying to drain the last drop from it. The figure cradles a grog cask in his lap and his costume includes a plumed tri-corn hat, thigh high boots and a huge belt. There are two realistic-looking rats on this figure, one on his shoulder and another on the barrel of his flintlock pistol.

This pirate is dressed in the style of a Spanish Conquistador and straddles a ship’s cannon, holding a flintlock in one hand and a cutlass in the other. The cannon has been specially rigged to ‘fire’, with a red light hidden in the cannon’s barrel and a fog machine hidden in the cannon’s carriage. A timer permits the cannon to shoot a torrent of red smoke at regular intervals.

This is the tallest figure, a freestanding pirate decked out in military-type regalia with an ostrich-plumed bicorn hat, military medals, etc. and playing a real fiddle.

Another music-making pirate, this one seated on a huge wine barrel and playing a real squeezebox.

This pirate sits on a group of barnacle-encrusted pilings, with a large crab climbing up one side and a seagull nesting on top of them. The pirate’s ‘catch’ is a skeletonized fish.

Seated in a crow’s nest on a mast that measures 12 feet high from the base to the top of the Jolly Roger flag, this pirate is in a “Land Ahoy!” pose and has a large spyglass slung across his shoulder. Below the crow’s nest is the 8 foot long sail, made to appear as if it were rotting canvas. The pirate, mast & sail are intended to be displayed with the ship’s façade (see photo below).

A wooden-legged pirate that sits on a keg, hoarding over treasure. Meant to be displayed with the elaborate treasure chest.

A 3-foot long wooden treasure chest with decorative metallic fittings and encrusted with barnacles. This chest has been custom-fitted with a false bottom of clear plexiglass, under which are 2 rotating colored lights. Hundreds of artificial colored gems are spread over the plexiglass and they appear to be glowing in a constantly swirling color pattern.

A 7-foot long façade of a ship’s prow, supported by beams hidden behind the ship. A lantern with a flicker light that looks like real flame hangs from a pole near the front and 3 cannons are on the ship’s flank. The cannon ports are lit with red, blue and green colored lights and have been rigged with a fog machine on a timer so the cannons can ‘fire’ at intervals, shooting out plumes of different-colored smoke.

Loads of extra props are included with the above: a ship’s anchor & chain, several flintlock replicas & 1 period rifle replica, 1 large & 1 small lantern (battery operated with flicker lights), a full-sized half wine barrel, 2 smaller barrels, a paddle, a large nautical rope & numerous pieces of tackle, several nets, 2 metallic pots, a ship’s bucket, a lifesaver & a small treasure chest with jewels.

If anyone's interested, I can add a link to a Photobucket album that has many more pics of the display.

I’m looking to get $7500 but I’d consider any serious offer. Because of the weight & size of the display I can’t ship anything – it has to be pickup only, in the San Diego, CA. area. Thanks!

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Worthy of being used at Disneyland,kinda think it.s a little cooler !!
5 :D 00

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Pirate props

Thanks for all the nice feedback. I'll post a video of the haunt that bought our props. Thanks
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