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Just a quick update, a few days ago I asked you guys for some inspiration on what I could do with a large amount of cardboard from a furniture delivery. I am doing Dead Pirates theme, and having made a lot of props already could not think what else to make, and couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Thanks for all the ideas you have given, so today i have finished the first prop which is going in my conservatory where I am serving food, I am doing this area more on a tropical beach theme so I have used some of my boxes, card and bubble wrap to create a waterfall scene, this is going near the Skull Cave entrance I made earlier so all rock bits will blend together, so should look ok I think

Room Plant Rock

It was a bit difficult to photograph, I have shown with and without flash, I have put white fairy lights behind the waterfall which twinkle with a kind of a rippling effect so it does look kind of like water. I going to sit my Snoring Pirate near the Treasure Chest (got some more jewels and coins to go in yet), and scatter some gold coins, shells and netting around the bottom of the pool area. Thought it would look ok with palm trees and other props I have got for food area. I am going to attempt to make some barrels , and a kind of docking /bridge area (thanks to Ghost of Spookie) with the other cardboard. Any ideas or suggestions for improvement welcome :)
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