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Huge Dry Erase Board - Ideas?

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Hi to you all.

I think I may have trained my kids TOO well!

My daughter and her friend carried a very large (4ft x 6ft) whiteboard (dry erase board) home yesterday. It took them half an hour and it's quite heavy. They thought I could do something with it for Halloween.

After doing my best "That's SO AWESOME!!!!" I now can't think what to do with it. I have to do something, as they put so much effort into bringing it but I'm afraid if I just use it to write on, the neighbourhood kids will help me and add something inappropriate.

Any ideas?

Many thanks
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1st off your daughter is awesome. I love it when my daughter takes interest in my hobbies.

Depending on the size, thickness and our haunt here are a few ideas:

1) Ghost writing (have words show up without anyone holding the marker. Not sure how I would do it, but it would look cool)
2) Drill holes in it and make it part of a vacuum form table
3) Make part of a back drop or use it as sub-straight
4) Show a projection on it.

Or just keep it simple and just make a mural on it.

The important thing to remember is your daughter thought of you. She might have an idea what to use it for.
Number four could be used to accomplish number one.
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