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We just got this finished and put on the website.
It's a 75 inch tall real solid wood 13th hour grandfather clock with available options.

Our base model sports the following:

Real Solid Wood Design Body (75 inches tall x 19 inches wide)
Actual Moving 28 inch long Pendulum
Eerie Bright Green Dicon Illuminated Internals
Precision hand painted Hyper Bright White Glow In The Dark Time Piece Numbers With Hands That Spin Super Fast
Five Mock Tubular Bells
Illuminated Spooky Eyeballs In The Winding Key Holes
Mock Winding Weights and Chains
Real Door That Your Actors Can Open and Close
Unit Plugs into any standard 110V outlet.
Base unit can be plugged in and ran continously 24hrs a day.

As extra additional options you can add the following:

Built in motion activated timer that will turn on the prop for a completely adjustable 2 - 5 minutes then turn the unit off and ready for the next activation

Internal Self Contained Sound System and motion activated timer package includes the sound system giving a horrendous chiming sound to the clock as it strikes the all thirteen hours and prop turn on and off VIA motion sensor.

The sound system we use in the upgraded option will absolutely stand the hair up on the back of your neck when it gets triggered, it’s scary trust us……..it’s…….scary.

If you have any questions about the spooky Halloween 13th hour animated grandfather clock prop please call the shop at 502-836-1674, were open seven days a week from 11am till 1am EST.

Base Price is $699.99
Motion Activator Option and auto shut off is $99.99 Extra
Motion Activator And Sound System Option is $199.99 Extra

Item is heavy but can be shipped UPS, weight is about 75lbs.
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