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Howdy from Japan

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Just found this part of the forum, been reading the props area for days,,,, so I guess it's time for an official welcome.... this is a wonderful place to learn and share, so many talented folks that have so much Halloween fun and plenty of imagination to make Halloween special for one and all. Glad to be a part of this haunting community and look forward to reading more, and who knows maybe even contribute now and again.
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Welcome aboard the Halloween Forum!
Welcome gpawood. So how is Halloween celebrated in Japan?
welcome to the forum now hook us up with alot of saki lol
jdubbya,,,, Mostly just selling some Halloween stuff in a few stores, small selection of costumes and decorations, but not much. There is no trick or treat and it's not a holiday here. However, we've been decorating our apartment every year since arriving and some of the neighborhood kids actually buy or make their costumes and come by our apartment for trick or treat, thanks to my neighbors and co-workers and the few Americans in my area. Halloween and Trick or Treat has become an annual event for us now. I invite my Japanese neighbors and co-workers and their families and they seem to enjoy it a lot. We've gone from just a few decorations and treats outside my apartment to a mini-haunt walk-thru of my apartment last year. This year I plan to have a little bigger haunt at the apartment complex entrance, thanks to the cooperation and encouragement of the apartment manager. I have a few co-workers helping me upgrade last years props and we are adding/upgrading some new ones for the larger area this year. Everyone is all excited about the upcoming haunt since this is definitely not cultural here in Japan. Wish us luck....
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Howdy and Hallow to you too!!

Welcome! You will LOVE this site - as you have probably already found out - it is the top place to connect with fellow Halloween buffs! I'm a relative newbie too - and everyone has been so eeeerily welcoming.... Just think - you are introducing Halloween to another culture! I see some creepy party sushi in your future!! Would love to see some pix as you get closer to the big night. BOO! :D
Hello and welcome from Indiana. Thanks for posting pics.
Welcome to our little family darling!!
That was cool! I love stories like this. I wish you the best on the other side of the world. And welcome!
Greatings! I am glad you are spredding creepy Halloween cheer in a foriegn land. Spread the haunting to all I say.
welcome to the forum
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