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Just wanted to say first and foremost, Thank You for allowing me to become a member on the site. Hello everyone! I've been into Halloween for years, and i enjoy coming up with new ideas for costumes. I've only been into the costuming for "Trick or Treating" with my kids, but they're almost old enough to do their own thing now, so it's finally time I step back, do some creative thinking, and fix my place up for "Trick or Treaters" to come by and finally be able to give back and enjoy seeing all who show up. Hopefully givin' 'em a good scare when they do.

So, i'm really looking forward to finding and sharing ideas on this site with all of ya, and hope to meet and become Friends with some wonderful people here. I'm a nice guy, who's nice to know, and enjoy Friendly times with good people.

Hope to meet you soon! Have a great day!

Your Friend, bamasmilez (David)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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