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How would I repaint this store bought foam head?

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I've got a foam vampire head like this one head that I'd like to re-purpose into a zombie head for a zombie puppet effect.

Head Ghost Mask Mouth Costume

I can snip the ears and teeth (to look more human), but I like the expression on her face. Any suggestions on what kind of paint to use or the process to paint it? Craft paints you like? do I need an adhesion promoter?

I've never painted foam like this before. So many questions.

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i have that exact head ... of course it was painted to be black reactive :) ...

any acrylic/water based craft paint should work ... solvents in other paints might cause some problems so i would stay away from those ... but you can experiment on a small area on the bottom or back with a solvent paint to see what damage it might cause

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