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How would i get poltergeist type of voice?

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Updated question: How would i get poltergeist type of voice?

Ok what would i need to do to an audio track to get a carrie ann in the tv poltergeist type of audio? the echoy reverb or something like that. I have some audio i got online that already has that affect but i wanted to do it myself with my own audio track and voice(s).

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lonerogue2 did a nice tutorial on how to achieve the "Carolanne" voice effect.


You'll need the Audacity program (it's free). Here's a link to the download site:

Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Download and install Audacity v. 1.2.6.
I appologize. I did not think to do a search late last night.,
If I remember correctly, the original effect was done using the Reverse Gate parameter on a Yamaha SPX-90. I would LOVE to have one of those!
ok so i do not have to make another post and clog to forum up. What types of text would be good to use for "ghost" children and such? or rather what would you like to see done.

I plan on having my 4 yo record some of her talking but do not know what to have her say. then make that in to the carrieanne voice.
Sibilants (S's, C's, Sh's) at the beginning and end of the phrases will work nicely. M's are also good, think "mmmmommyyyy".
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