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How to waterproof

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I have 3 pumpkins and 2 burlap heads I plan on using outside. I bought fabric weatherproof spray for the burlap is that right? Will it work on the parts I have used latex paint on? Also all three of my pumpkins are different material. Funkin/modgepodge cotton and gourd/liquid latex shop towel and paper machae/modgepodge cheese cloth. All have paper and tape stems with 1 layer of liquid latex on them. They will all be painted with latex paint. Do I need to do anything else to protect them?
Thank you for your time.
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I've used latex and acrylic paints both in outdoor use on paper mache, and they hold up quite well without further weather proofing (well, at least in the light rains we have here - nothing compared to the heavy stuff some people receive).

The one thing to watch out for, and this will be true for any material you use to weatherproof mache, be certain your coverage is sufficiently complete.

I found this to be the case on a witch head I had put together - the paint on the face held together as the head collapsed in on itself - it turned out I had failed to put enough paint on the back of the head (had given a light coating, and as it wasn't going to be showing, I didn't think anything further of it - much to my later miserable amusement).
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later miserable amusement).
That is exactly what I am trying to avoid. Thank you for your answer and for the chuckle. I might coat the stems in the new drylock extreme that I just bought prior to painting. I did one coat on a ghost/reaper on Wednesday and I still have it on one place on my arm and that is after 2 showers, scrubbing and being in a wet work environment. The dyrlock extreme is white and smooth. I don't know... maybe over kill but I hate to see my work go down the drain. (c: Ya after thinking about it ... I am just going to do another liquid latex coat on the paper parts and move on to the bodys. (c:
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