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This is a simple set(s) process to convert your halloween dvds into mkv files that can easily played on your pc, media player, or any handheld device that supports mkv playback.

Start with download this free program


Current version should be 1.8.5

Once downloaded, start program and immediately go to View ->Preferences -> Video tab. Go to Options at the bottom and change from 120 sec to 60 (whatever time you want)

Now this is important- watch the dvd prior to makemkv and find the clips you want and remember how long each clip (in its entirety) is. VLC is great at doing this as you can see how long a clip is on the bottom right corner of the screen...

I'm using this DVD as an example, the Extreme Haunted House makeover I bought wayyy back in 2005


With the dvd in the drive, start makemkv. You will be greeted with this:

Click on the disc icon on the left and let makemkv start reading the dvd.

Once completed, you will see this screen

Uncheck all of the titles (all clips and shows, etc on the dvd are now read as titles) except for the one you want. The time is described when you click on each title. The one I want, the skeleton clip, ran 1:08. I found it and unclicked everything else. Only click of the main menu, do not unclick audio choices unless you want to the run the file as mute.

Make sure the directory is where you want it to go when finished (you can see it on right hand side) and if all is good, click the makemkv button adjacent to the directory and that's it.

Once finsihed, check your directory and the title/clip/file in its mkv form shold be waiting for you.


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Searching around and found this. Thanks Victor--think you'd mentioned makemv in more recent posts but couldn't locate. Semi-recently, LifeHacker.com had a list of Must Have windows apps, and they recommended the free Handbrake software for ripping DVDs and converting to other formats:

The download link for Handbrake:

LifeHacker.com article mentioning Handbrake:

The LifeHacker.com Handbrake How To mentioned in above article:

Anyone used both programs?
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