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my little sister got me this adorable bizmuth/rainbow skull water bottle/drink holder from marshall's (or tjmaxx? can't remember.), and i don't really use drink containers like this, but i could really use a skull with a dribbly candle on it. and i have a bunch of battery operated candles left over from last year when i made skellie candles with tiny skellies and hot glue....
rubs hands

you'll need:
battery operated candles
hot glue - several sticks.
skull or other shaped drink holder with removable lid
some time (mine took maybe 30 minutes not including painting time?)

step 1 is to measure how big of a hole you need in the lid, and to cut it out. i used a utility blade, because it doesn't have to be perfect. it's gonna be covered in hot glue, after all.
20200912_210952.jpg 20200912_211907.jpg
step 2 is to screw the cap back on, and hold the candle centered in the hole, while you secure it in place with a few big dabs of hot glue. i obviously couldn't take pix while securing it, but here's my hot glue gun and what it looks like when it's secure. i also added some hot glue to the inside of the lid for extra security. batteries get heavy, after all.
20200912_212046.jpg 20200912_212536.jpg 20200912_214724.jpg
step 3 is to add lots of hot glue around the base and dripping down the top to make it look like a melty candle! this is really the fun part, i think. since it kind of takes 2 hands to move the skull and operate the hot glue gun at the same time, i couldn't take pix during, but here's the finish, unpainted.
20200912_214705.jpg 20200912_214709.jpg
i haven't painted mine as of yet, because i can't figure out what color i want the candle to be. i'm thinking leaving it white is actually a good idea, so i don't have to paint the hot glue.

but i think if you wanted like, a black candle? that would be cool. you could spray paint it first, and use black hot glue!
i think i've seen other colors of hot glue on amazon too, so you could do lots of different colored candles, i bet.

here's a vaguely artsy-fartsy shot of mine on my ironing board in the dark.

this is a pretty easy one, but let me know if you have questions! :D
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