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Sometimes I want to search for a particular thread that isn't included in the New Posts list.

I must be doing something wrong in the search function because I always get results that have absolutely nothing to do with my search.

Can anyone tell me how to search for a specific thread on the forum?


P.S. I would ask the moderator but I can't find how you do that either! LOL!

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I'm thinking something must be off with the database here because my search results lately seem to be off. It seems to direct me to the right thread but the wrong page.

I like to use Google search a fair bit. If you type in...


...followed by your search term, it'll just search this site.

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Yea, best to click on the magnifying glass and type in the key words in the search box. I usually change the setting from looking in "Entire Posts" to "Titles Only", because the title is what I usually remember from a certain thread.
Plus, if you can remember the member who posted the thread you are looking for, you can type that in too.
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