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How to mount a rider on 74" Home Depot Skeleton Horse

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I know a lot of people now have the horse and was wondering for those that mounted a rider on the horse. What ways have you come up with for mounting the rider that makes it sturdy enough to be outside in the rain and wind? I am using mine for my headless horseman display so i need it sturdy.
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if you have trees, you could use the tree to tie the rider to to assist with him/her staying on the horse

or use fishing line as "guy wires" to keep him seated ... might take a lot of fishing line guy lines, but theoretically it should work ... you'll definitely need 2-3 people to help ... you can use something like tent pegs in the ground to tie down to ... if you want you could use "turn buckles" to tension the fishing line/string

probably, ideally, a combination of the 2 might yield the best results

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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