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How to mount a rider on 74" Home Depot Skeleton Horse

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I know a lot of people now have the horse and was wondering for those that mounted a rider on the horse. What ways have you come up with for mounting the rider that makes it sturdy enough to be outside in the rain and wind? I am using mine for my headless horseman display so i need it sturdy.
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if you have trees, you could use the tree to tie the rider to to assist with him/her staying on the horse

or use fishing line as "guy wires" to keep him seated ... might take a lot of fishing line guy lines, but theoretically it should work ... you'll definitely need 2-3 people to help ... you can use something like tent pegs in the ground to tie down to ... if you want you could use "turn buckles" to tension the fishing line/string

probably, ideally, a combination of the 2 might yield the best results

I used a folded towel as a saddle blanket, then zip tied my pose-n-stay to the horse. I only had her out on the night of and did use some tie downs as it was windy. Lady Godiva looked pretty cool!
Ditto on the guywires

I don't have the horse yet :p but I have had amazing success with guywire and tent spikes for some really tall and even top-heavy props. One central pole shoved at least a foot into the dirt, and at least three lines, preferably four. Bamboo sticks spray painted black are great, too, if your prop is going to be up for a while (I usually leave mine out at least a month). Duct tape metal loops on the bottom of the bamboo poles to attach the tent spikes, and don't forget to angle the tent spikes w the bottom toward the prop, and the head away from the prop. This ONLY works if the prop is not in an area where people will be walking next to it, because it is a big trip hazard (I've tripped on my own a few times!)
I did mine with rebar and zip ties..it was a pretty light weight skelly that held a pumpkin.
I used garden stakes and zip ties to hold the horse's legs in place. I had to take a screw out of the skelly's pelvis to open his legs wide enough to mount the horse (that sounds way dirtier in my head than it should). Then I zip tied his legs to the horse's ribs. Had it out most of the month of October, and it held up really well.

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Had to use rebar zip tied to the legs of the horse. It was windy and he kept falling over. Good news was my skelly never came off lol. I made a saddle out of an old brown pillow, and added sturips to it to help with the skellies balance. Then zip tied the legs to the horses ribs. My only problem was keeping the horse upright. We have lots of wind in Nevada.
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