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How to make XBox 360 remote controller?

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I made a Wii remote controller for my 8th grader last year and he felt like a celebrity surrounded by papparazzi. Now that the XBox 360 is the rage, I would like to make a controller for the XBox 360. Any ideas? All I can think of is buying a huge piece of foam and carving it. Anyone ever use plaster?
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If it was me, I'd try using either foam (like the couch cushion stuff) and sewing a cover out of fabric with the details in different colored fabric panels.

You could try making it out of paper mach茅 - but the frame for the mach茅 is a booger... maybe chickenwire, but you'd have to do fittings with him and make sure that the openings for his arms/legs/head are well cushioned and padded so as not to scratch him up.

I'm sure someone else will have a better solution.... :)

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wow that is a hard on to do just because of the shape!!! the one above is the old xbox not the 360.... lol i am a gamer i am thinking of something for you. what did u make the wii out of last year? all you need to do is use that same concept, make a hole for the head and paint the green and silver x has if the head was the power up/ menu botton. amd the arms as the 2 joysticks

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The controller, not the box

Hey, thanks for your replies. I am looking to make the controller - the part that the gamer holds in hands, not the system box. It looks like I'll either have to carve foam. Better start now. . . any more ideas, I will check back. Again, thanks.

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I am actually making an xbox controller too. So far I bought the foam stuff that goes on a house before siding from loews. It was inexpensive. I am now working on how to make it look like the controller. Let me know what you come up with. Thanks.
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