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I thought I would throw together a quick tutorial on how to make some super easy and cheap Voodoo Dolls. It’s my first time posting any kind of tutorial so hopefully I do this correctly.

You will need:
Plenty of sticks – I robbed some off the transplant bush in my backyard that decided it didn’t like where we moved it and died.
Brown (or any color really) yarn
Any color fabric – I went to my local fabric store and bought some small bundles in the clearance bin
Black yarn or string
Red thread and a needle
Hot Glue Gun
Push Pins

First, take two sticks and make a cross. Wrap your yarn around the sticks until they are held together firmly. I tied the loose ends in a knot at the back.

Next, take a bundle of raffia about twice the length of your stick, fold it in half creating a loop at the top then tie it on your sticks with some yarn (the loop creates our head).

Then, cut out a rectangular piece of fabric about the size of your doll.

Cut some slits in it so you can bring the arms through

Wrap the fabric around the doll and secure it by tying a piece of black yarn or string around the neck. I also used a touch of hot glue on the back seam to keep it together. Trim up the bottom so some of your raffia pokes through.

I then took my needle and thread and sewed a mouth and an “X” for one eye (you could also just paint it on to make it even easier)

Glue on a button for the other eye

Take the top of the doll and fill the space with hot glue.

Finally, quickly shove some feathers down in there before the glue dries, put some pins in it and viola! You are done!!!

Hope you like it! They were very easy and inexpensive to make. I was able to knock out about 15 of them in less than an hour. Sewing the eyes and mouth was what took the most amount of time. They are going to make great party favors/invitations.

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Thank you for posting your instructions. I need to make a bunch of voodoo dolls for my voodoo bayou party. I found a raffia grass skirt at goodwill to cut up but all the instructions I found use the Spanish moss. I wanted to make some of both.

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Thanks for sharing, I'm doing a Voodoo theme this year and really wanted to use voodoo dolls for invites and needed some cheap easy ideas! This will work great!!
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