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Blaberus craniifer
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This tutorial is to show you how to make your own chains from plywood.

Tools and materials:
  • Pencil, ruler & compass
  • Drill & 7/8" dia. bit
  • Jigsaw
  • Router with 1/4" round over bit
  • Wood Glue
  • Scrap pieces of 3/4" plywood

Using 3/4" plywood, the dimensions I used for the links were:

(You can make your links any size or use different thickness of plywood. Just be sure there is enough clearance in the I.D. for the other attached links.)

1) Using a pencil, ruler & compass, layout your links on the plywood.

2) Drill out the inner radii.

3) With a jigsaw, remove the excess material between the two holes you just drilled creating the link center.

4) With the jigsaw, cut out the outer edges of your links.

5) Use a router with a round over bit to create a radius on all the edges of the links (inner and outer edges). It's easier to do if you have a router table.

6) Split every other link with a saw for assembly of the chain. I cut my links on an angle to provide more glueing surface when putting the links back together.

7) Now just apply glue to your cut links and assemble you chain.

Tip: It may be easier to paint/stain your links before you cut and assemble your chain (steps 6 & 7).

Here's an example of 5' of chain hung across the entrance to my basement:

The Hobo Spider Assassin
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Thanks POD, when I first saw your idea, I was like "YES!", now seeing your tutorial, I'm saying "OH YEAH, am I ever glad I keep all that scrape plywod!" I don't have a router table (hope to remedy that in the near future) but I think I can accomplish the same with my dremel and clamping the piece, just means it will take a little longer then the freedom the router table provides.

Shadow box dancer
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The chains look great. Two questions. Are you going to paint them and if so are there going to be update pictures? ;) Does the glue seem to be enough to hold them together? I would just be worried about some over zealous TOT sitting, jumping, pulling....... on the chains and having some sort of accident.
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