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Gather up a large pile of autumn leaves. Don't worry. Your dad or mom will be delighted that you are racking leaves at all. Stuff the leaves in an old flannel, button-down shirt. Button all the buttons on the shirt. Tie the bottom of the shirt with a small piece of rope. The reason for doing that is to keep the leaves in.

Tie the bottom of your long pants with small pieces of rope. Zip up the fly and button the top button. Thread a belt in the pant loops to make a place for a "Jason" fake bush knife. Push leaves into the pants until they are stuffed completely.
Grab a paper bag. Draw a scary face on it. Stuff this bag with leaves. Tie a small piece of rope around the open end of the head. Stuff the roped end down into the shirt. Use safety pins to hold it there.

Buy a scary mask for the head. You will need a mask that is closed in the back so the leaves won't fall out. Fill the scary head with leaves to approximate the size of a real head. Safety pin the mask to the collar of the shirt.
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