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Quote: Lynn.
With the rise in Vampire and werewolf movies right now... I'd like to have it along those lines. I know neither of those are 'hatched' from cocoons... but who knows... maybe in my world they are!! hehe
Vampire are...Well, at least in the movie "Van Helsing" anyway!...:D

Thanks for resurrecting this thread, Lonescarer. It's given me some ideas for my Vampire themed haunt this year.:)

I've been playing with the idea of hanging cocoons being fed with blood for a little while.

One of the ideas I'd had was for balloons half filled with water, as they have a good cocoon/egg sac shape when hung. my idea was to create 3D veining on them with latex or silicone and paint them with latex paint in various shades. Maybe insert a glow stick or something similar to provide an internal light source in a few of them and just create the veining with a thicker mix of paint.

The water filled ballons would also transmit movement very easily and have a "lifelike" look to them rather than something more rigidly constructed.

should be cheap to make too.

Like I said, just some ideas I've been messing with. Any thoughts or comments would be very welcome.

I haven't thought much about the mechanics of getting them to move yet..That's if do I decide to animate them, so ideas in this direction would be handy, too.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts