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Okay to start off with . This will be what your working from and what your going to end up with if done right,


I start of cleaning the hand with just soap and water and dry it very well. Then you will take your hand and rub Elmer Glue on one side. You don't want to do both unless you plan to have it stick to your table top. ^.^

So now we have the hand Glued all over.

Now smear it evenly.

Once done with that now you need to grab some crepe paper. (the stuff they put around gifts inside the boxes)

On the right side there.

While wet I just used my fingers to kinda smush it together to make the wrinkles. Like this.

Now here is what mine looked like when it was dry.(I placed in my window facing the sun to dry mine.)

Now when your done with all the paper now time to paint it. These are my colors I use and steps.

Sorry but I am a true Artist. lol I am messy. Okay now I take the brown and use it first then I use a little gray not a lot. Then I add my blood red to finger tips to make it look as those they are bloody of course. Then for the most important color. The black. Now don't just blob it on. Make sure to have just enough that wont just make a thick spot. You just want to lightly touch it. Just enough for the wrinkles to grab the black. That way the hand looks like dead decay and the wrinkle effect make it look loose. and that is it. ^.^ and cheap. Well for me cause as I said I am an Artist so I ALWAYS have paint on hand. and brushes. Glue and the paper as well. I had the paper from Christmas and the Glue from daughter's left over school supplies she didnt need. The hand was .99 cent at the 99cent store. ^.^ Hope that was useful. Sorry but I LOVE things to look decayed or gory. I can't handle cute. hehehehe

This is the way it comes at the store. I guess they are for markets? hahaha



1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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