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Hi guys. This is part one of how to make a cannon that looks like this...


For this project, you'll need a cardboard tube. The kind they sell at Rona or Home Depot for pouring concrete into. The size you buy is up to you. I think they range from 6" up to 10" in diameter, so you could make a small or fairly large cannon.

You'll also need a plastic bowl that's the same diameter to fit on the back, a length of ABS tubing to form the inside of the barrel, and some 1/2" pink or blue styrofoam.


The basic shape of the cannon body is a tube, but as you can see, you need to get it to taper down at the front. It might be helpful to get a picture of a cannon you like and use a computer program like photoshop to draw a grid and rulers over it to get the proper dimensions. There's no exact shape that's perfect, it's up to you.


Okay, in order to get the tube to taper, you'll need to remove a pie shaped wedge the whole length of the tube. Draw a line straight down the length of the tube. At one end, measure out an inch (or more if you want more taper) on each side of the centerline and make a point. Now draw lines connecting both these points with the centerline at the other end of the tube. This gives you a long pie shaped piece that you need to cut out. Use a sharp utility knife and a metal yardstick to cut out the pie shaped section. Keep it though, you'll need it soon.


The real bugger now is to get the tube pushed inwards so that the two cut ends meet. I tried taping it...no good. The only thing I found that works is to take the discarded piece of wedge shaped cardboard and glue it inside one of the cut sides with about an inch sticking out, wait for it to dry, and then push the two sides together and hold it together with small bolts and glue. If someone comes up with a better method of joining the two sides, please let me know.

Once you get the tube glued into the proper tapering shape, you'll notice the two ends are not "square" with the length of the tube any more. You can wrap a piece of paper or length of cardboard around the tube at both ends as a guide, then mark a line to "square up" the ends, and cut them with a utility knife.


Whew. Now you have the proper tapering tube.

In the next part, I'll explain how to make the most challenging part, but the part that really sells it. The muzzle.

Thanks for you kind words and good luck, Mateys. Arrrrrrr.
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