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How to make a clock pendulum swing on fake clock

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Hi everyone, I made a spooky grandfather clock (out of cardboard) but it is totally kick ***. I would like to have the pendulum swing and for the life of me I do not know how to go about it. Any ideas? Thanks
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You will need a motor like the one pictured and yes I sell it (without a case...the one in the picture $10 that includes shipping) and I really hate saying that because just about every post...It sounds like I'm trying to sell someone something. That's really not the case ( I just about break even on this motor) you can also get it from China ($8.70) but I buy about 500 of these motors a year and let members have them for $1.00 over my cost and that cover my ink/tape/paper/screw that fits the threaded end . Now that we got that out of the way on to the important part.

This motor will reverse itself once it can't go any farther in one direction. So once it hits the side of your clock (I'm assuming you have sides) it will go in the other direction and keep repeating that movement.

I will try to get you a video to show exactly what I'm taking about
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Took me a total of about 30 minutes since I made the above post to set this up video it edit it and up load it...simple back and forth movement

You can also use PVC for your pendulum look at the below video and pay no attention to what it's actually about but the PVC connected to the motor. In this set up you can use a longer piece of PVC as your pendulum and when it hits the side of your clock it reverses.

This is the same motor but I put it in a case

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