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How to keep decorations from killing new grass

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Hey guys, I have 5 large tombstones that I put in the front yard every year. Prior to now, I wasn't very worried as the grass was mostly weeds. This year I did major landscaping and got new flower beds and sod. I don't want to kill the grass.

I usually leave my decor up all month in October (4 weeks). I'm thinking of creating 2-3 inch PVC pipe stoppers. Where I can cut some PVC pipe down to 2-3 inches, spray black and slide those over the rebar before putting my tombstones down so they don't squash the grass and let the grass grow long enough to camoflauge it.

I'm getting zoysia which is very shade tolerant. Would I still need to remove the tombstones to give the grass some sun time? I got to be honest, I'm not really interested in taking them down every day, but could maybe do it 2-3 times a week to give the grass a break.

It's also fall and the grass will start to be going dormant. In the past, I had no PVC stoppers, and yes, I would have brown spots when I took them up, but then the whole yard would go dormant and you couldn't tell. Then by next spring everything would green up fine.

How concerned should I be?
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Also, before anyone asks, my flower beds are packed and these tombstones are custom made and huge, I can't put them in the flower beds there's not enough room.
Last year I was in exactly this position. I had grass hydroseeded in the spring and didn't want to kill it with my display. I wound up placing my tombstones right at the edge of the mulched flower beds. I had some standing skeletons and some kneeling ones in the grass and I moved them just a smidge after 2 weeks. The hard part for setting up is the overall 'who goes where' so although initial set up took longer (the yard changed a lot) it was pretty quick to move things 6-12" to the side.

We also set up the first weekend in October and take down first Sat in November. I think 4 weeks on baby grass is asking a lot of it. This year I am not so worried but last year ...

Good luck!
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