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How to haunt my TV?

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I know this has probably already been discussed, but having trouble finding relevant posts. Does anyone have any good leads on videos to use on my TV during a halloween party? I've found Atmosfearfx, which seems ok but pricey. Also perhaps a bit less than subtle. I don't have a projector :(, so this year I need to just have something on my TV. Folks will be hanging out for quite some time around the TV, so I was hoping for something that maybe appeared now and then and was more creepy than overdone.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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Have you tried looking on YouTube? Someone must've made a creepy video of TV static, interspersed with brief cuts from horror scenes or such? Could download and burn to DVD.

Using the "videotape" footage from 'The Ring' on a loop might be an option?

In one of the zombie-related threads on here, I remember seeing discussion of using video interrupted by fake news broadcasts re: zombie outbreak, etc.
I made this one about 5 years ago.
You can use Keepvid.com to copy this video fro Youtube if you want.

Not sure if it would be what you're looking for - but Atmosfearfx does have apps (I think they are around $5) that will loop some of the effects. I downloaded them from iTunes and used them last year. There isn't as much of a selection as the DVD's, but if I remember right, each app has 3 or so different scenes.

Here's the link to the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/atmosfx-llc/id556252039

I hooked up my ipod touch to a projector, but you could also use apple TV or a connector from your device (lightning or 30 pin to a USB or HDMI) to your TV and do it that way. I'm not sure about androids - but this effect worked pretty well for me last year and was way cheaper than buying the DVD's.
We are looking for something similar for the TV in our maze, we just want static. I have found TV static footage on various stock image sights, but they are expensive. I am going to get one off of YouTube and loop it on portable CD player.
I made this one about 5 years ago.
You can use Keepvid.com to copy this video fro Youtube if you want.

Sweet! Thanks.
Awesome - thanks for the ideas all!
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