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How to fix the mouth in your gemmy Doctor Shivers.

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1. Undo Screws on bottom of head
2. re attach yellow and white wires to the metal thing next to the black cord. One on each side. If mouth move in opposite direction, then switch them around.
3. Working mouth!
4. If problem is NOT solved by this, consider looking into another gemmy head for comparison or look to see if something broke off, or is lose.
5. Good Luck!
6. If done properly, this will NOT decrease his value, but raise it!
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Thank you for the instructions on Dr. Shivers mouth repair! Any recommendations for how to increase the volume? I see no volume control on mine, at it arrived from Grandin Road, a few years back, with laryngitis.
I had the same problem with mine. My son just rewired a cheap speaker to him. Can't remember exactly off hand but I think it just sits in his chest or back.
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