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How to do a ledge drop off effect?

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I was at a haunt last year and saw an this effect and have been trying to figure it out since. I know it worked off of a similar set-up to the bottomless pit, there was a small shack on the path that you had to enter, immediately upon entering you are put onto a 'ledge' that continually shrinks...on the other side of the ledge it appears to drop off to an endless pit, however you realize that when you step down that it actually is a surface (mirror I believe) that you could walk on and that the bottomless pit was just an illusion. I didn't really get a good look at the works behind it at the time, but I made a diagram of how I think it may work (although i could be totally wrong). Any help would be great, I'm thinking of doing a smaller version of this for our haunt here.

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I have a bottomless pit at the entrance of my haunted house.
This year I am going to add another bottomless pit that people have to walk across. The original pit is about 3 feet tall and very narrow.
The new bottemless pit will be only about 1 foot tall but 4' x 8'. I am going to build a narrow foot bridge that will go over the pit through the middle. I will place the pit directly inside the entrance and visitors will have to walk across it to get inside.
I will post videos when I get it built which will be soon!!!
That sounds great! Please take lots of pics and vids. It's a great idea to add the narrow bridge.
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