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How to decorate trampoline as "wildman cage"

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My family just moved to the Kansas City area over the summer so I have a whole new yard to work with this year! The backyard is perfect for a walkthrough haunt, so that's what we've decided to do this year. I want to make our trampoline into a "wildman cage" complete with my youngest brother dressed a tribal boy going completely insane inside of our inclosed trampoline. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how I could go about decorating it so that it looks less like a trampoline.

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Obviously you don't want to much up the existing cage. You could make a mock cage with bars out of 1 1/2" pvc pipe and appropriate joining elbow pieces. That could get pricey depending on how large and if you intend to encircle the whole tramp. Get the Krylon Hammered Silver Plastic paint at Walmart (shudder). I hadn't tried it on pvc yet but it should adhere I think. Lastly to secure it tie it to the outer ring of the tramp.

Maybe hang some Creepy Cloth here and there on the cage bars. You can find that cheap enough at Walgreens. Lastly throw some hay inside the tramp for the cage floor.

That is how I would approach it anyway. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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