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How to capture pictures for a scare moment?

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I don't have much knowledge of camera's but I would like to be able to automatically capture the scare moments on a scare. Maybe even have a live feed to a tv near the line for the waiting patrons. Is it as easy as hacking into a wired shutter controller and running through a relay or is it something more?

Any help or suggestions on how to do it, what reasonable camera needed, and anything else I may need will be greatly appreciated.
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Most digital cameras have a video connection to review shots, so you'd just have to find a cable long enough for your needs. Also, many cameras have an optional IR remote to trigger the shutter while you're in the shot, maybe you could find a way to hack that together. I wouldn't think a wired remote would be that hard to hack - just a switch after all.

You could always use a video camera with a video feed to the TV.

I'd think the best way would be a raspberry pi with the camera module. It's triggerable via the GPIO pins, and can be run to a monitor via an HDMI cable. If you're comfortable with scripting, you could even program the functionality so it ran exactly how you wanted.

Good luck, keep us updated!
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