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I began working on my little car a few years ago, then i put it on display here and have not got back to work on it,but it has possibilities.
I had a small, steel body from a 1950's Kid's riding toy car,which looks like a Plymouth with quad-headlights.
I removed the body from the original pressed steel chassis and used some thick steel parts to make it's frame.
I also used a grinder to cut out steering parts . I bought some small inflatable tires on wheels at an antique mall for my "Car".
Then after marrying the new steel frame to the steel car riding toy steel body , I began the roof ,bending one inch steel electrical conduit for the roof frame. It's going to be a "Mini-Hearse".
Yes, it's un-finished but I put an explanatory sign on it saying "Waiting for Bail-out money" (Just like GM! did.)
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