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How many pumpkins will you carve this year?

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For those of us who carve out real jack o'lanterns, how many will you do this year? In the past we've done between 5-8 for our yard display and porch. Our theme this year doesn't lend itself to having them as part of the display so we're carving three for our back patio where we'll have a small afterglow party on the 31st with some close friends and neighbors. I'll move them to the front porch after the party as it wouldn't be Halloween w/o jacks on the front porch. How many will you carve out?
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I have five right now but I may pick up a couple more by then. I'm going to put them all around my pumpkin head reaper as if they are his minions or something like that.
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I normally do about 5 or 6, all on Halloween day. Kicker is, they're usually the giant ones with super thick walls, so it takes forever. I've got 4 right now, more (big one!) being delivered (delivered! I said it's big) tomorrow. And probably more medium ones sometime later on. I'm kind of making a pumpkins area this year, plus the usual flaming pumpkin torch.
We usually carve 1 but supply both of our daughters classes with sugar pumpkins. We have them on every surface prior to Halloween.
We will carve 6 or 7 this year. Plus one funkin. I love carving pumpkins :)
Last year I think we had around 15 fake ones, three singing ones and 30 real ones. I just can't seem to get it up to 50.
Pumpkin Cucurbita Winter squash Calabaza Vegetable

I said they were going to be large, I didn't think they'd all be this big though! Check out those bricks lining the flowerbed for scale. The pictures really don't do them justice.
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We get 4 pumpkins for our family (one for each of us) I will carve one but scoop the guts out of all 4 as none of my daughters nor wife attempt that part...
I carve one a week . When it starts to rot, I heave it into the trees across the street and get a new one!
I think we have 11 total, it will be me and my 3 teens carving them though, so not too bad.
Probably only a half dozen this year. Time restraints. But next year - call the Fire Marshall!
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18! I could end up doing 21 if my sister and her husband have me do their 2 and I do 1 for my mom! LOOOOOOVE JACK O LATERNS!!! :D
I carved a half dozen or so in 2011 but I haven't really carved like I used too and didn't do any the last couple of years. I love carving pumpkins. I carved over 20 pumpkins a few years ago for myself and for some friends; I did over 20 pumpkins that year using over 30 stencils in three days and my shoulders were aching. Would have been nice,and easier, to have help cleaning the darns things. I have carpal tunnel and tendonitis so it is difficult to carve them now. I do have a dremel now so I may actually try a couple of small ones this year if I have time. I was eye balling some in the store today and I haven't bothered to check them out for a couple years so the urge to do it again is back.

Here are some of the pumpkins I carved that year.
Jack-o'-lantern Carving trick-or-treat Orange Pumpkin

Heat Orange Flame Carving Font

trick-or-treat Carving Calabaza Jack-o'-lantern Orange

trick-or-treat Carving Heat Light Orange

Carving trick-or-treat Heat Orange Jack-o'-lantern

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Here are a couple more.

View attachment 224080
View attachment 224081

I also had pumpkin labels on the TOT bags with little pumpkins on them that year. That was when the little kids started calling my house the pumpkin house. :D

I was so touched when I heard my house called that.

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We have 7 on hand and ready to carve
3 or 4. One giant one and 2-3 little ones. The big one is going to be eating the others. :)
Just two. One for each "rest" alongside the steps. If I grew them, I'd have more!
PERSONALLY, I only bifurcate 3 to make the 6 jacks on the fence.

We clean over 100 for the kids to carve, though. Whatever the exact count ends up as depends on how many rot before the party.

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