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How is Gore Galore’s Customer Service?

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So, about a week ago, I ordered something from Gore Galore. I’m still waiting for them to contact me for payment and whatnot. And I gave them my correct phone number and email.

I read how they process orders, and how all their stuff is made to order. However, I’m a little surprised it’s taking this long. Should I contact them, or should I keep waiting? Does it usually take them this long to process orders? (Not that I’m in a hurry.)

Sorry if I sound impatient, it’s just I’ve never ordered from a company like this before, and it’s very new to me.

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I have ordered from them a couple of times in the past and never worried about Kevin or the gang getting me my orders. (My orders are usually later in the season based on knowing how much money I will have to spend.)

But, I wasn't happy about the communication. For example....
1. Ordered a Sound Box... live in Texas but wanted it sent to a Haunt in Iowa. Before I left for Iowa, I double checked and they had it going to TX. (Mistakes happen. I know)
2. Wanted to know if I could order a large prop, was told no, so I placed an order at a different vendor. No problem. Got a call a couple of weeks later wanting to know where I wanted the prop sent. I already spent all my money at a different place but felt obligated to pay for this prop, so had to put it on several credit cards. Turns out they sold me a Trans-world display. I was grateful to receive the prop, but put me on the dog house for a long time because they didn't communicate what was up.
3. Wanted to place a order for two of the same prop early last year and was told they were booked solid, but would put me on the waiting list...I was #2. Again, no problem, but still to this day I never heard back on when I could place the order.

They are a busy company, but don't expect email updates on the regular.

Maybe call them again? See if it feel through the cracks?

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I have ordered from them too, nothing but good to say but it can be a lengthy process. I would give them a call sooner rather than later and just confirm that they got your order/payment? Transworld is in 2 weeks and they are probably rushing to get things done & or shipped and then they will be busy for a while, but you want to be near the front of the line (before transworld) with your order rather than the rear (after transworld).
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