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These books are so fun and easy to make. Check thrift stores and garage sales for old books. Look for old jewelry, belts, beads ect. The craft stores are good places to find lettering and stamps.

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Here is the book I am going to alter

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Next crumple some of the pages or ripped edge looks cool but takes forever

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choose a color and paint the book, usually takes 2 coats

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next water down a darker paint, I chose black and dab on all over to age it and make it look dirty

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next is the fun part, I use a serrated steak knife. Scrape all the edges and cut off a corner, have fun and do as little or as much as you like

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The edges look to light or some of the book color may show so I use the base color watered down and go over the edges.

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I use these letters that look like dried glue that I found at a craft store. I use a permanent marker to color the letters before I remove them

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choose a title for your book

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Choose some fun ornaments. I used a gold skull that was part of a necklace and a little corked bottle from a craft store.

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After hot glueing on the ornaments it still looked like it was missing something. I used a spiderweb stamp and black ink.

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Finished book

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The library is growing and I still have several more books I want to make. I want to make an open book next :)
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