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Some years I know waaaay ahead of time, like for my Halloween party this year, I had bought my hospital gown on Amazon in February or something.

But, not to brag, lol, but I'm like the queen at putting together last minute costumes. Or maybe I'm just lucky and already have what I need. But a friend of mine and I went to the arcade this year on Friday the 30th and earlier this month I had bought some overalls...so a couple days before the arcade party I thought "BAM! CHUCKY!" Just needed a couple of things from walwart....something to write "Good Guys" on the overalls, some big red buttons, red/orange hairspray, a weapon and a few temporary tattoos. So easy.

Oh, and I won the costume contest for scariest costume ;)

Pink Skin Arm Cool Lip

Cool Nose Pink Selfie T-shirt
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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