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How do you do it all?

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I work full time and have two kids (three if you count my husband) and a dog. I know I am not the only working mother out there. My question is how does everyone else get everything done? Am I just not organized? I am getting so frustrated. There is so much I want to do and the only time I really get anything done is when we have our monthly make & take meetings. After our meeting is over my project usually just sets there until the next month.

If I work on Halloween projects the laundry doesn't get done or the house doesn't get cleaned. If I keep up with housework the Halloween props never get finished. It is a vicious cycle! Birthday parties to attend or to give, school functions, sports, grocery shopping all get in the way of Halloweening.

I see so many great props being created and I know I could create a lot of nice props...I just need to find the time! I actually thought I had great time management skills until I really started getting into Halloween as a hobby!
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This is what I do: Do a top to bottom cleaning of the house one week ( a little bit each night since I work all day and don't get home till after 6pm) and then the next week, spend an hour a night on one of my projects.

Or, I'll work on a project for a whole weekend.

Honestly, the one (or even half) hour a night for a week, works great =)
I like that plan!
The kids are out of the house and I still seem to have too much to do around the house!
Plus if you have everything set up one night, you can knock out several tombstones with a dremel the next night, clean up the 3rd night, paint the 4th and 5th night and "weather" the 6th and on the 7th day you rest!
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