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How do you do it all?

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I work full time and have two kids (three if you count my husband) and a dog. I know I am not the only working mother out there. My question is how does everyone else get everything done? Am I just not organized? I am getting so frustrated. There is so much I want to do and the only time I really get anything done is when we have our monthly make & take meetings. After our meeting is over my project usually just sets there until the next month.

If I work on Halloween projects the laundry doesn't get done or the house doesn't get cleaned. If I keep up with housework the Halloween props never get finished. It is a vicious cycle! Birthday parties to attend or to give, school functions, sports, grocery shopping all get in the way of Halloweening.

I see so many great props being created and I know I could create a lot of nice props...I just need to find the time! I actually thought I had great time management skills until I really started getting into Halloween as a hobby!
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Plan 100, actually accompish 10. That seems to be my strategy!

Plan for your theme, show, or haunt, to not require every little prop that you would like. Nobody else knows that you just didn't have time to get all those bats, jack o lanterns, spiders, or whatever made in time. They don't know what you had envisioned in your head.
It's hard to find time to finish all that you want, but the good side is that others see what you did get done, not what you wanted to get done.

Keep plugging away at 'em!
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